Khanyisa Projects provides customer service within the municipal water (NRW) and sanitation sectors

Customer service within the municipal water (NRW) and sanitation sectors

Khanyisa Projects assists municipalities to effectively develop better service systems for their customers with the ultimate aim of developing more positive relationships with customers while at the same time reducing debt levels and unaccounted for water.

Key service elements include:

  • Analysis of customer databases
  • Use of GIS to identify issues and target areas
  • Selection and training of fieldworkers
  • Site work including:
    • Investigating reasons for high consumption, arrears and sanitation solutions.
    • Meter assessment including illegal connection checks
  • Identification and targeting of new customers
  • Education of customers
Alternative sanitation management

Alternative sanitation management solutions

Khanyisa Projects focusses on programmes for the operation and maintenance of existing municipal sanitation solutions such as urine diversion toilets (UDs), ventilated improved pit latrines (VIPs) and communal ablution blocks (CABs). Other programmes include design and implementation of biogas digesters, greywater reuse solutions and reuse of waste water effluent in agriculture. Khanyisa Projects is committed to the operation and maintenance of sanitation solutions which minimise or eliminate the use of water and allow for valuable products to be developed from waste.


Sustainable water solutions

Sustainable water solutions

This service focusses primarily on rural development and agriculture.

Population growth and climate change effects are resulting in water for domestic and agricultural use becoming an extremely scarce resource. Khanyisa Projects specialises in a number of solutions which help to mitigate these challenges. The solutions ensure that maintenance and operational cost requirements are significantly reduced.

The solutions include:

  • Ram pump irrigation systems in which water energy is used to pump water to storage tanks
  • Gravity feed systems
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Greywater reuse
  • Effluent reuse
  • Mobile diesel pumps


Geographic information systems

Geographic information systems (GIS)

Khanyisa Projects uses GIS to enhance the services provided on water and sanitation projects or as a standalone service. The organisation uses GIS to depict the results of field surveys and customer interventions in a visual form as well as identification of challenges and trends within municipal areas. It is also used as a tool to assist fieldworkers to identify customers in the field.

Key service offerings include:

  • Mapping of customer and infrastructure survey data
  • Database development and cleansing
  • Customer identification
  • Progress reporting
Small business development
Small business development


Small business development

The development of a healthy vibrant small medium or micro enterprise (SMME) sector has been identified as a key driver for economic growth, job creation and transformation in south africa. Khanyisa Projects thus promotes and develops opportunities for SMME development on all water and sanitation projects.

Key elements of the development model for SMMEs utilised by khanyisa projects include:

  • Provide enterprises with skills, training and personal development on a needs basis
  • Provide practical skills to access market opportunities
  • Business management capacity improvement

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